Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Feeding ducks.

Thomas marched in the door yesterday and said "Let's feed the ducks!" so of course I ran upstairs to find duck food (stale tortilla chips) to take him to the Market Common lake to feed the ducks. 

Parents, if you think feeding the ducks sounds like a fun adventure - it is - but I have to caution you the "duck food" will most likely also be eaten by your child, so please don't think you can get rid of moldy bread by feeding it to ducks. 

Anyway.  It took us about 20 minutes to walk a block over to the lake because we had to pick up every single stick in close proximity to the sidewalk along the way.  Also, we had to jump over every crack in the sidewalk. If my jump was not deemed proper, I was given a brief lesson and demonstration on how I should have jumped. 

The destination is never the actual activity... it's the journey, right? Thomas is at such a fun age - I don't try to rush us to our destination because he's just as content picking up sticks and pointing out bugs as he is with our intended activity - in this case, feeding the ducks.  I love to see what he's going to do next because it usually makes me laugh.  Like the jumping demonstration. Sadly, I was too busy learning the proper jumping technique to take a video.

We finally reached our destination - the small lake - and saw three ducks.  Those lucky ducks were fed a small handful of tortilla chips.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flock of ducks - at least 12 of them - swimming our way and their pace picked up the second Thomas started throwing out stale chips.  Pretty soon, they were waddling quickly over to our location.  Like really quickly. (I'd estimate at least 10 MPH. Unusually fast, for ducks.)   Thomas wanted me to pick him up - so I scooped him up and ran.  I saw the look in those ducks' eyes. They were eying my legs thinking "I'm going to peck you for giving us STALE tortilla chips!!"  They were poised for attack.  We escaped, thankfully.

Sometimes, ending an activity like feeding the ducks can be difficult. Trying to talk Thomas into going home for dinner while he's on the playground, for instance, requires crafty negotiations and games.  "Follow the leader" and "let's race!" are pretty good motivators, but still require some time.  Getting back home is never a quick process.  Having ducks nearly attacking us was the fastest exit to an activity I've ever experienced. 

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Lee Edmonds said...

Heehee...this made me laugh out loud. The ducks at the U of R lake are pretty nice, but those geese scare the bejeesus out of me. Thanks for sharing your fun outing!