Friday, July 26, 2013

My mom is running for congress: why I am so proud.

Mom loves to tell the story about telling me I could be anything I wanted to be. I was probably 7. She asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and being the good little precocious Catholic girl of two attorneys, I managed to find the one career in the world that was impossible for me to achieve based on gender:

My answer: "a priest."

She thought I was going to say "the President."

She said she was stunned. I'm pretty sure she turned her back and laughed.
My mom is my role model. She is amazing - and I always knew she was exceptional, but I didn't realize just how remarkable she is until I got older and started my own career.

Why is she remarkable? Lets start with the basics - mom grew up on a farm. My grandmother is brilliant - she reads philosophy for fun and is more up to date on current events than I am. She's 92 and lives by herself on the farm where my mom grew up. Mom definitely inherited her brains. At a time when it was not the norm for women to get a higher education, my mom was determined - and was one of four women in her law school class. What I find most fascinating about this is that she was self-motivated to accomplish these goals - no precedent had been set by other women, and these goals were not the norm in the 1970s like they are today.

So she graduated from law school and started a political career... And was pregnant with me while in the House of Delegates. She is the ultimate Working Mom.

And now she is running for Congress. Of course she is. She's smart, energetic, diplomatic, and has experience in public policy. She's uniquely qualified for this. I may be biased because I'm her daughter - but, I cannot imagine a better candidate to represent WV.

She is committed, she is practical, and she is straightforward. She is smart, motivated, and honest. These are the qualities of a good leader.

Also, I'm very impressed she's learned Twitter so quickly. As a marketing professional, it's taken me years to understand the convoluted @ and # etiquette, and she's tweeting pictures with hashtags a week into it.

Finally, I'm proud of her career accomplishments, of course. I value her daily advice. Her leadership qualities and advice have shaped my education, career, and life. Even though she is a pioneer as a modern working mom, her very best role is grandmother to my baby boy. From the day he was born, she has been an incredible grandmother. She changed diapers when he was a baby, chased him up and down stairs when he learned to crawl (a very exhausting activity, as any mom can tell you!), and hunts for bugs on sidewalks now that he's 3. Her patience is unmatched.

Thomas loves his Mimi, and so do I. She's an amazing lady.

#GoMom #LaneForWV (now she knows what these mean!)

Here's her website:

Check out her social media skills:

@LaneForWV Twitter
Lane for WV on Facebook


Leigh Powell Hines said...

This is great. I can't vote for her, but I can definitely pull for her.

Becky McNeer said...

what a nice tribute to your mom!!