Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why you should take a wagon to the beach.

I made the expensive mistake of taking Thomas into Rite-Aid to purchase beach toys the other week and we ended up with a rake, net, Pirate themed beach toy play set, sunscreen (my pick) and sandcastle toys.  Tip: Wallgreens has a much better selection.  All of that fits in the wagon, which actually has remained in our car, so it is easy to take it out and roll on.

See those clouds? The wagon was also handy when we had to throw everything in it and RUN.

We're really into building sandcastles right now.  We hunt for seashells, and then make a mound of sand that we call a sandcastle, and Thomas builds a seashell circle around my sand creation.  Also - he hunts for "pretty seashells" which is a fantastic activity, but our opinion on "pretty" differs drastically. I like seashells that are intact.  He says, "no, that's not a pretty seashell."  He likes seashell parts that resemble rocks. In the eye of the beholder, right?

Thomas's "pretty seashells"

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Dina Farmer said...

good to know! when we visit the beach again in the future. It's a 8 hour drive to the beaches in San Diego so it's not a weekend trip for us sadly. but I will be sure to pack the wagon for the next trip!